Sunday 21 Dec 2014
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1.     History

           It was in the year 1960 that Barangay Jose Anniban began its history when Mr. Aniceto Tubban was chosen as an auxiliary leader of Riverside. Formerly, Riverside was a sitio of Laya and it has been called as such because this Barangay is situated at one side of Chico River and Namecbecan Creek. Considering the increase of population and its wide area which make it hard for the Barangay Officials to govern, a proposal was passed requesting the separation of riverside from the mother Barangay Laya through the leadershio of Mr. Anecito Tubban and the full support of Mr, Jose Anniban, who was then one among the first settlers of Barangay Riverside and years after the proposal was approved Barangay Laya was then divided into two Barangay namely, Laya East, the mother Barangay and Laya West, the former Riverside. It was then that time that Riverside changed its name to Laya West.


           In the year 1965, Anecito Tubban turn his responsibility as an auxiliary leader to Mr. Jose Anniban and that year he was elected as the first Barangay Captain of Laya West serving under him were Agnes Doctor as Secretary and Bonita Bello as Treasurer. His first elected councilor were Pacipico Castillo, Arturo Masangkay, Raymundo Garcia, Lorenzo Barlolong, Eugene Barnacha and Alfredi Manadao, Barangay Captain Jose Anniban served for fifteen years (15) from 1065-1980. This time, the Lord taken away the good and energetic leader of Laya West, in 1980, Councilman Pacifico Castillo took over as acting Barangay Caotain but serve only for a short time, for unknown reason he resigned from his position then and there, Councilman  Alfredo Manadao was chosen to continue to hold in office until 1982 Barangay Election.


           The next Barangay Captain to hold in office was no other than Mr. Jose Denna who won over his opponent during 1982 barangay election but again served for a short time and he rsigned for good Alejandro Galliguez being the first councilman took over and served as acting Barangay Captain.


           In 1965, a consensus election was held thus putting up Alejandro Galliguez to be the next Barangay Captain retaining all the incumbent Barangay Officias under former Barangay Captain Joe Denna. The elected councilors were Fernando Geronimo, Perfecto Alunday, Catalino Pugal, Namesio Castillo, Dante Tinge and Rolando Gallema. The appointed officers were Eduardo Aquino as Secretary and Jimmy Gapasen as Treasurer. Again, Barangay Captain Alejandro Galliguez resignedbefore his term ends fro good reason and that was the time when Dante Tingle seated as acting Barangay Captain until election comes in 1989.


           The next Barangay Captain following Dante Tngle was Mr. Matin Batolos who rank number one form the winning candidate from which he was automatically become the chairman and following him become his councilors. They were Dominador Masangkay, Jhonny Codiamat Eugene Wallis, Antonio Bula-ay, Bartlome Gapasen ,and Alfredo Torres Sr. He appointed Alejandro Galliguez as Treasurer and Eduardo Aquino as Secretary respectively. Giving credit to the good leadership of the first elected Barangay Captain of Laya West, a resolution was passed by the Barangay Counci changing the name Laya West to Jose Anniban.


           In 1994, the next Barangay election was held wherein Barangay Captain Martin Bartolos was re-elected. His new sets of officers were John Digmo, Pedro Lagmay, Andrea Garcia, Rolando Gallema, Leopoldo Rebolledo and Rogelio Aduca, Alejandro Galliguez was retained as treasurer and Eduardo Aquino as secretary and Joey Lagmay was then the SK Chairman. It was durin this administration that the passed resolution was approved that the name Laya West was changed to Jose Anniban.


           The following election comes in 1997, and again Barangay Captain Martin Batolos was re-elected. With him for the next term were the following Kagawads, Pedro Lagmay, Andrea Garcia, Edwin Calsiman, Florentina Pugal, Gaspar Wallis, Marcello Abalos and Ferdinand Pugal. He appointed Leopoldo Rebolledo as Secretary and retained Alejandro Galliguez as Treasurer having also Rolando Castillo as SK Chairman. Pedro Lagmay our first Kagawad, died at the midst of his term as Barangay council conducted as soecial eection to fil up his vacated position Joey Lagmay, his son won over his opponent thus making him a member of the council. The next member of the Barangay council who passed away was Kagawad Marcelo Abalos who died two months before his term ends.


           In July 15, 2002, barangay election, Mr. Clayton Denna won as Barangay Captain of Jose Anniban. Again Alejandro Galliguez was retained as Treasurer and he appointed Ferdinand Pugal as Secretary. The elcted Kagawad under him are the following, Joey Lagmay, Edwin Calsiman, Andrea Garcia, Gaspar Wallis, Florentino Pugal, Leonora Aduca and Alfredo Torres Jr.


           Barangay Election comes again in 2007 wherein Barangay Clayton Denna was re-elected for his second term. With him were Kagawads Gaspar Wallis, Ferdinand Puga, Roland Castillo, Dante Tingle, Jr. Eleonor Mad-eo, Benny Apalla, and Reynaldo Wansi. He took Alfredo Torres as his Treasurer and Clou Moldero as Secretary respectively and Jomer Pugal was then the SK Chairman.


           Last October 11, 2010, Barangay Elction was held, thus putting up Ferdinand Pugal as new Barangay Captain of Laya West. It was during this election that there was a total change to the set of officers from Barangay Captain down to Kagawads. The newly elected Kagawads are Dale Caldingon, Arnel Doctor, Johnny Codiamat, Rizza Gumangan, Leopoldo Rebolledo, Calixto Mundo, and Joey Lagmay. Barangay Captain Ferdinand Pugal appointed Andrea Garcia as Secretary and Reynaldo Wansi as Treasurer. Momoy Siplat won as SK Chairman during 2010 SK election.


            Barangay Laya West is located 2.75 kilometers from Poblacion passing through Laya East by tricycle, center cars and jeepneys. North of Laya West is Cabaruan, on the East is Barangay Laya East, on the West is Barangay Tuga bounded by the Chico River and directly South of Barangay os Poblacion West.


            The Barangay climate is classified under type III by the Western Bureau. Ir has two pronounce season namely; the dry season is observed from the month of November to April while the rest of the year is generally wet. Typhoons frequently occur during the month of July to October and the coldest months are December and January while the warmest period is observed during the months of April and May.


            The Barangay Laya West as per data gathered from the Municipal Assessors Office, it has a total and area of 498.775 hectares wherein the largest portion is covered by the agricultural land. The land area of Barangay Laya West is characterized by a flat land terrain dewatered by the Chico River which makes agricultural land as the major land use.

            The soil classification is Umingan Loom suitable for crops like corn, sugar cane, vegetables and root crops.


            Those who serve as local chief executives of this barangay are the following:

1.      Jose Anniban

2.    Alejandro Galliguez

3.    Dante Tingle

4.    Pasing Castillo

5.    Jose Denna

6.    Martin Batolos

7.    Clayton Denna

8.    Ferdinand Pugal (incumbent)


II. Creation – 1960

III. Land Area – 498.775 hectares

IV. No. of sitios/puroks – 7 puroks

V. Population (2007 NSO census) – 1,910

VI. Major Products – Corn, sugar cane, vegetables & root crops

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